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Fashion shows, listening parties, product launches… all happening in the metaverse. And they all point to one thing.

This is the next big opportunity for real world commerce dollars.

Simply put, if you’re a brand, artist, or whatever flavor of company and if you don’t lock down your assets inside this new digital platform as quickly as possible, someone else will step in and displace you even faster.

But of all the examples… McDonald’s is kind of leading the pack here!

It’s not limiting its online experiences to just within the confines of the metaverse — it’s tying it directly back into the real world.

McDonald's series of trademarks encompasses a virtual restaurant that will deliver food both online and in person.

The 10 trademarks that the company just filed covers both McDonald's and McCafe.

So what’s the play here?

Whatever it is you’re peddling — specialty coffee, quick service pizza, or dope-ass sneakers — deliver it online so your fans have something to show in the metaverse — but then also take care to deliver something meaningful IRL too.

If your niche is pizza, then send them a real pie too. Just imagine their avatar is hanging out in the metaverse eating a slice — your brand’s slice. And at the same time, now also enjoying a slice in real life too. Amazing!

Better still, if they’re a Twitch streamer, a TikToker, or an influencer — now all their followers are also witnessing in real time your brand efforts too.

Follow suit ala McDonald’s and invest into ways on going full circle!


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